Tax Industry Leader Hires TurboTax to Do His Taxes. The Results Will Shock You.

Dave O'Rourke gives TurboTax fiull service tax return service a try...and is not impressed.

I wanted real-life experience. What would the experience be like? Would it be faster, easier, less hassle, and more on my terms, or was this all about price? Was TurboTax NetJets or Spirit Airlines? Would I get nickel-and-dimed? Would there be any surprises? I determined I would be the guinea pig, and I would let my partners, colleagues, and friends know about my experience using TurboTax’s live full-service tax review.

Tax Professionals and the Wallet Share War

The tax professional’s unique position, a combination of deep knowledge of the client’s financial situation and inherent trustedness, gives them the opportunity to reap substantial rewards by expanding the scope of their offers, but the risks entailed are significant. The trick is to stay in the role of true fiduciary—and not try to engage in salesmanship.

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