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The Tax Architect is the foundation of the system. Tax Architect lets you prepare an attractive written plan – more than just a spreadsheet – identifying concepts and strategies you can help your client implement to pay less.

The process starts with uploading a copy of your client’s return into the system and adding some key information that doesn’t appear in their return.

Tax Architect’s proprietary intelligence will analyze the client’s information and suggest specific strategies to include in the plan. You’ll review the plan to add or delete strategies as you see fit and calculate specific savings for each strategy. Finally, you’ll print the plan and deliver it to the client.

Tax Architect prepares three separate reports: 1) the Tax Architect Summary (with top-level highlights and savings estimates), 2) the Tax Architect Detail Report (with detailed explanations for each strategy, including citations to appropriate IRC sections, Treasury regulations, IRS publications, and even court cases); and 3) the Tax Architect Opportunities report, for your use, identifying all the ways you can monetize the planning strategies for your benefit.

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