The Future of the Entrepreneurial Tax Professional

October 25-27 in Tampa, Florida


Predictions can be hard, especially about the future. But you can clearly see the future of the entrepreneurial tax professional. You just need to attend Financial Gravity’s The Future of the Tax Professional conference on October 25-27 in Tampa, Florida.

Put Yourself at the Center of Your Client's Financial World

For tax professionals, the future might look like a race to the bottom: more competition, lower margins, slowing demand for your services, and more IRS headaches. Our two-day event lays out proven roadmaps for escaping those grinds: less work, more money, or both.

You’ll get actionable ideas and strategies you can put to work immediately to earn back the cost of the conference and compound exponentially over the rest of your career.

  • Do you own and operate a mature tax or accounting practice? Have you discovered that the size of your practice is less important than the scope and complexity of your clients’ affairs?
  • Are you tired of being the most trusted, most accurate and most reliable person in your clients’ financial lives–but claiming the smallest share of their wallet? 
  • Would you like to learn how diversifying your revenues can grow your equity from 1x revenue to 3x revenue in as little as three years?
  • April. If that word doesn’t conjure up Springtime in Paris or the new baseball season, would you like to change that? If your quality of life needs a makeover, we’ll show you how to make that happen.
  • Do you believe you have the talent and maturity to help your clients gain and keep control of their retirement security? Are you tired of referring clients to salespeople defined by their own narrow self-interest?

If you said “yes” to those questions, you can’t afford to miss this event. After just two days:

  • You’ll understand how to flip the script, rejecting the old sell-to model in favor of the buy-for model in use by Family Offices worldwide.
  • You’ll leave with a Success Map — plan to achieve new, diverse revenue streams that pay throughout the year.
  • You’ll learn how to defend your compliance revenue by going on the offense with planning-based income.
  • You’ll discover that you’re already doing the hard part — you’re just not getting paid for it.
  • You’ll understand why implementation is the key to monetizing planning for yourself and delivering actual savings to your clients.
  • You’ll know how to answer questions that your clients are already asking you about their retirement and investment portfolios, even if you don’t offer those services.
  • You’ll understand why the multi-family office is the overwhelming choice of the ultra-wealthy, and whether that model has a place in your future firm.
  • You’ll learn how tax pros just like you have leveraged an entirely new business model using our Done-For-You partnership model.
  • You’ll understand marketing and messaging that works, and that drives a stream of lucrative new revenue streams into your practice.
  • You’ll be able to implement the techniques you learn at this meeting the day you return from this conference.

If your practice is currently grossing $500,000 annually, you may have a $500,000 asset you can sell for retirement. We’ll show you how to multiply that to as much as $5 million. We’ll even guarantee your success.

That’s a bold claim. Let’s take a look at the agenda and show you why this meeting will be the most game-changing conference of your professional life.

Agenda Overview

Day One

Day Two

Conference Agenda — ROI Built Into Every Item

Setting the Table

The rewards of transitioning to a Family Office Director can be wonderful for you, but for your clients they can mean the world. You’ll learn why the family office is the one (and only) Wealth Management approach that WORKS. Hint: It’s not what they invest in: it’s how they invest and who they turn to for advice.

Transforming Transactions into Relationships

Tax pros spend most of their time putting numbers in boxes. That’s important work – but it’s something anyone can do. Your challenge as a business owner is to show clients why they should pick you to do it – and building a relationship around those numbers is your key to success. This session will show you how to make yourself indispensable to your clients’ financial futures.

Tax Planning Best Practices for 2023 and Beyond

This summer, Intuit is (finally!) boarding the tax-planning train. What will that mean for your practice? How can you compete with a flood of new tax pros calling themselves “planners”? This session walks through best practices for branding and delivering tax planning services, taught by an industry guru who’s sold and delivered over $1 million in tax planning engagements.

Filling Tax-Planning Prescriptions with Captive Insurance

Captive insurance is a powerful but misunderstood risk management tool with significant tax advantages. And despite ongoing IRS challenges, it’s become even more popular after Covid. We’ll show you the safe and effective way to use this tool – that starts with suitability – to attract high-value clients from a surprising variety of fields, as well as some of the flexible ways you can use captive insurance as part of a holistic tax plan.

Charity as an Offensive Weapon

Charitable LLCs are the newest tool on the charitable planning shelf, with lots of possible uses for business owners, real estate investors, and your highest-income W-2 employees. We’ll show you how to identify Charitable LLC prospects, develop an action plan, and implement the strategy for maximum advantage for your clients and yourself.

The Road Not Taken

Two very different futures await the American tax professional. Most tax pros start out with similar training and similar goals. Why do some achieve enviable success and others don’t? This presentation discusses the key attitudes and choices that separate success from mediocrity. Bring a thick skin and be prepared to be challenged!

The True Meaning of “Fiduciary”

Tax pros take pride in representing their clients’ best interests as a fiduciary. But what does that word really mean in a post-Covid financial environment? This presentation will introduce you to the family office – a century-old model that JP Morgan himself invented to bypass traditional conflicts of interest entirely. If you’ve ever thought about offering financial services to your clients, you absolutely must understand these concepts.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Adding tax-planning and family office services may seem intimidating at first, especially for tax professionals who don’t feel comfortable “selling.” This presentation will walk you through our proven business development model that eliminates that obstacle and flips the switch from “selling to” your clients in favor of “buying for” them.

Making the Jungle Your Friend

Adding services to your practice raises important questions involving new regulators and new compensation models. Think of this session as your “due diligence in a box.”

Your Success Map

New directions in business can be scary. Wouldn’t it be great if you had turn-by-turn directions for getting from “newbie” to “success”? We’ve got it – and you’ll have yours before you leave Tampa.

His Biggest Regret Was Not Buying a Bigger Boat

We’ll close the meeting with an inspiring case study from a longtime Tax Master Network member. He didn’t think he had the clients for the direction he took. But he’s already transformed his business and added over $100,000 in new annual revenue. He’ll tell you all about his success, and we’ll show you how to join him!

What You Will Learn

We’re going to give you a conference that can literally change your life. You’ll get to spend two days working “on” your business, not “in” it. As Tony Robbins says: doing the same thing better than everyone else gives you a slight advantage – but doing something different can give you an extraordinary advantage. This conference opens the door to extraordinary advantage, a better quality of life, and generational wealth – for your clients and for you. 

You already know that “I’ve gotta do something” feeling has been triggered. Register now, act on that feeling, and say hello to a new, more prosperous, and more valuable business in 2023!

Your Guides to the Future

The future is now. Dave O’Rourke and Ed Lyon will show the way.

Dave O'Rourke
Chief Evangelist

Dave is one of the principal driving forces behind Financial Gravity’s mission to accelerate the transformation of tax professionals into family office directors. Dave is also Financial Gravity’s defacto Communicator in Chief, and Chief Evangelical Officer. Dave brings his special written and verbal communication skills to the creation of a wide scope of educational and motivational collateral for the Financial Gravity family of companies, including videos, webinars, newsletters, marketing campaigns, and professional mentoring.

Ed Lyon
Chief Tax Strategist

Ed has written nearly a dozen books on taxes and tax planning. Ed writes two weekly tax columns for over 100,000 tax professionals and their clients, making him the one of the most widely-read tax strategist in the country. He’s the founder of the Tax Master Network, the Tax Architect AI Software (previously TaxCoach Software) and speaks regularly to audiences of tax professionals and business owners. He’s appeared on over 500 television and radio broadcasts, including CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC.

A Few Words from the Future

Testimonials from Financial Gravity Family Office Directors

“Unlike other firms I’ve thought about working with over the years, FG has true empathy with tax professionals. They understand me, my business and most importantly what my clients need."
Shelley J.
CPA, Family Office Director
"The Family Office Director is the future of the tax industry. Don't be afraid of it. There is so much help behind the scenes...the benefits that I am seeing with clients is just phenomenal!"
Kim P.
CPA, Family Office Director
"Financial Gravity is so easy to work with. I’m confident that they will handle any client communication with true professionalism, and it’s a comfort to know I can get the subject matter expertise I need with a quick phone call or chat."
Erling B.
CPA, Family Office Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Tax professionals looking to offer more services for their clients. 

A meet and greet cocktail event during the evening of October 25th followed by two days of focused learning, presentations, and Q&A sessions. 

The $299 Early Bird pricing is available for the first 25 registrants. After that the ticket price return to $399. 

Your attendance fee covers admission to the conference along with scheduled meals and entertainment. 

The Future of the Entrepreneurial Tax Professional begins October 25th. Place your reservation today.

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